Our Partners and affiliations

Welsh Sea Rowing Association

Despite our English credentials, the Welsh Sea Rowing Association lent us a Celtic Longboat to help us start the club. This bunch are responsible for the dramatic rise of Welsh Sea Rowing… a truly outstanding success story. Their events are superbly organised and wonderfully welcoming. In particular they organise the Celtic Challenge, the Biannual row across the Irish Sea. Whilst we found it a tough row, we can’t imagine getting our heads around organising it. A really decent bunch

Our club is fully affiliated to the Welsh Sea Rowing Association, which is a requirement for the loan of the boat and to take part in their superb events. Individuals who want to take part in their events need to be ‘individually affiliated’ which the club will arrange on your behalf (currently £12.50/year). The clubs insurance is enabled through the WSRA

Aberystwyth Rowing Club

This club has been an inspiration to us. When ‘the original 12’ wanted us to row across the Irish Sea, they welcomed us as members, despite our novice status. They invested their time, as volunteers, to train us up, and they continue to welcome us back to their events. We hope that we can do the same for others who want to get into this great sport.

Trireme Ynys Mon Rowing Club from Anglesey

Ynys Mon rowing club from Anglesey have lent us a Pembroke longboat to help us start the club and, originally, train for the Celtic Challenge. Although we paid a nominal amount for the loan, this was at our insistence, and they took it with reluctance. They have asked for nothing in return for the continued loan and we are deeply grateful for their help.

Our Sponsors

APT Solutions Limited

Many thanks to APT Solutions Limited a Telford based software company, who have kindly sponsored the development of our internet site and ongoing internet costs.