Eddystone Challenge

This challenge has now changed to a biannual event. Date is now confirmed on 28th June.  The Challenge is an annual 28 mile (45 kms) endurance race from Plymouth to the Eddystone Light House and back.  The race is open for any craft that can be rowed or paddled or otherwise propelled by human endeavour. Since its inception in 2001 about 1000 rowers and paddlers have attempted the annual challenge.  However, not every crew makes it out and back within the strict time limits. At sea, competitors are well looked after by a flotilla of ribs and a ‘Hospital Ship’.  Six yachts act as course markers, taking up a position every 2 miles between the ‘Breakwater and the Light House.  There are always at least 2 medics at sea ready to deal with any medical emergency and a tried and tested plan to get any serious casualties ashore as quick as possible.  If necessary, tired and exhausted competitors are taken aboard the Hospital Ship for rest and recuperation and basically sit it out for the rest of the day.

Whilst not wishing to put too much pressure on the competitor, the organisers have found it necessary to set a time limit of 3½ hours to reach the Eddystone reef.  Any crew finding itself well outside this deadline will be turned round by the event Commander (Silver) and requested to head back – no argument.  This avoids previous problems of having exhausted crews still struggling well after 8 hours to make landfall and forcing safety crews to remain at sea. The Eddystone Challenge is a tough event.  It requires a high level of stamina and a dogged determination.  It was designed for athletes at the top of their game to give them the adrenalin and edginess which they all seek.

The price for registration prior to the Challenge is £25.00 per rower including the cox irrespective of boat used.    Registrations WILL NOT be accepted on the day of the Challenge.

 Typical Programme –

Boat check – from 0930hrs

Briefing – 1100hrs

Race starts – 1200hrs from Mount Batten Pier

If the event is not going ahead due to inclement weather an alternative is available and will be run by the Club – the Tamar Challenge.

More details for the 2012 race


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